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Exercises that take your body to an ideal forum

There is no need to pay a monthly ticket for the gym again. It's better to study these 10 exercises, which you can work everywhere. For their performance you will only use the weight of your body, without any additional equipment, says!
These exercises, which do not last more than 30 minutes, are included in many highly intensive training (HIIT) exercises. This means that you can bring your body in shape without spending a lot of time. All you need to know - these are the right moves.
After you master each of the 10 exercises offered, connect them to 20-30 minute training.
10 exercises that will bring your body into an ideal form:

If you want to get rid of the "screwdriver" on the stomach, reach for a beverage that is very easy to make, and helps dissolve excess fat, writes Top Healthy Life Advices. It is a combination of chia seeds, honey, lemon and water in precisely determined quantities.
People who have tried this weight loss method say they really help, and the results are visible for a week. In addition, it is about ingredients that are very good for health so your whole body will benefit from drinking this drink.
Chia seeds are known as excellent antioxidants, and they are full of fiber.

spoon chia seeds
spoon of honey
juice of one lemon
one and a half glass of water (a glass of 2.5 dcl)
Put chia seeds in the water and let stand for an hour (you can put them in the water and in the evening, and in the morning add the other ingredients). Add lemon juice and stir well in between. If you want the beverage to have a smooth texture, place it in the blender.
Drink a drink every morning on an empty stomach.
If you want to get rid of the "screwdriver" on the stomach, reach for a beverage that is very easy to make, and helps dissolve excess fat, writes Top Healthy Life Advices. It is a combination of chia seeds, honey, lemon and water in precisely determined quantities.
People who have tried this weight loss method say they really help, and the results are visible for a week. In addition, it is about ingredients that are very good for health so your whole body will benefit from drinking this drink.
Chia seeds are known as excellent antioxidants, and they are full of fiber.

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play video, the routine you should follow in the gym to start getting fit

When a person joins the gym and has barely played sports, you can have many questions and doubts about how you should train, what exercises you should do, if you should follow a specific order in terms of exercises, how often you change your routine …
If we do not have all (or most) of these clear issues, we may not achieve our goals, injure ourselves or, worse, end up leaving the gym and practicing sports in a short time. And these tips are equally applicable whether we are going to start training in a gym or if we are going to train in our house.
The importance of structuring a routine well, especially if you are a novice
Organize your routine well, choose the exercises and especially the order in which you perform, is one of the most important parts when training. And if you are a beginner and you are starting in the gym, it is even more important, since it will be basic in the achievement of the goals that you set and in the possibilities of abandoning in case of not observing any progress.
As a general brushstroke, the best way to structure an exercise routine would be to start with multiarticular exercises (which are the ones with the most muscle mass going to be involved in the movement) and finish with analytical or isolated movements (which are those in which only one muscle is worked, for example, a biceps curl).
Basic conditioning routine: what should we do the first weeks?
We start from the assumption that we have never trained before or that we have been without sports for a long time (years) and we want to get fit to have healthier habits. What should we do?
The best way to start during the first weeks (we are talking about a period of between six and eight weeks at least) would be to opt for a full-body routine with the objective of greasing our entire body and getting used to the exercise. This type of routines are often used to adapt newcomers to the gym or for those who have been injured and begin to adapt to physical exercise.
Within these first weeks, we will work with light weights that we will increase progressively as our muscles become accustomed to the requirement of training, to avoid also, as far as possible, the dreaded laces.
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play my videos, train with me

Free weight: the best kept secret
For beginners, machines have some advantages. It is very difficult to injure yourself. They are easy to learn. For the gym, they mean less spending on monitors, accident insurance policies and also makes the gym look more modern.
However, almost all the exercises that are done with machines can be done with free weight. To make matters worse, free-weight exercises are much more effective.
The free weight is generally reduced to two types of weights: bars and dumbbells. The bars can be loaded with discs of different weights. The dumbbells are usually in a counter where you will find all sizes, from one kilo to 40 or more.
When you get to the gym and have your first conversation with the monitor, the most usual is to treat you like a typical woman. Your task is not only to get fit, but also to make you feel good in the gym and pay the fees for a long time.
The monitor knows that many women are afraid of weights and much more of free weight. So, not to scare you, you will avoid those exercises that are precisely the ones that can help you the most.
For example, squats with a bar are a basic exercise that can radically change the appearance of your legs, hips and waist in a very short time, even if you start with an empty bar. But very few women do squats in gyms. Instead they will put a program with ten different machines and half an hour of elliptical cardio.
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video Good reasons to go to the gym

I’ll give you reasons so that tomorrow without fail you write down in the gym that you have closer:
And there are also these but those nobody cares:
Sex improves
Exercising makes us feel good
Exercising improves cognitive and memory functions
Exercise decreases stress
Regular exercise gives us more energy
The same I keep the shims:
I know it is difficult for some to find the motivation to go to the gym and for others it has become a habit, something that is totally true is that the culture of well-being is not very common in our country. Today we share some very good reasons to start going.
Exercising decreases stress
It is proven that stress affects our day to day and that being present atrophies our regular cognitive functioning. Performing exercise periodically helps us eliminate the toxins that are responsible for producing stress, thus making us think more clearly and relax.
Help fight the headache
It is known that a moderate exercise routine can prevent headaches and depending on each organism can even reduce the frequency of migraine. When exercised, endorphins are released in our body that function as a natural analgesic.
You may also be interested: “5 Benefits of sport for your health”
Better sex
Has it happened to you that one day you wake up and you feel “sexy”? This will be a common occurrence when you start to include the gym in your day to day, in addition to your sexual desire will increase.
By constantly training you will improve your physical condition that will be reflected when you are intimate with your partner, as well as the increase of energy and a better sense of humor.
You will sleep better
Including exercise sessions will benefit the generation of serotonin, which is the sleep hormone. It is generated in such large quantities that we can be sure that you will rest like a baby and wake up ready for whatever comes.
As you already read in the previous points, exercise will not stress you, you will sleep better and your sexual performance will be barbaric, besides that, it will help your body to lose fat and increase muscle, therefore your clothes will be left every time much better and you will feel happy.
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play video How to do functional training at home

Functional training has recently become very fashionable, especially through sports disciplines that are practiced, such as crossfit. And it is not for less, because this type of exercise has many benefits for the body, since it allows you to get fit through activities that simulate movements that you do in your day to day and that make it easier for you to work practically all the muscles of the body.
If you do not have time to go to a gym or a sports center specialized in this type of disciplines, in a COMO we explain how to do functional training at home so you can be in shape and improve your physical capacity.
Tips before doing functional training at home
Before you start doing functional training at home, it is convenient to know that you are really healthy and that you can do a physical activity although, initially, you will start moderately.
In addition, you must be aware of your own limitations and initial capabilities to start the exercises gradually and progressively, especially if you have not played sports for a long time and you tend to lead a sedentary life. It is best to start with about ten repetitions of each exercise. As you progress, you can expand the training table with more exercises, which you will do with a greater intensity and for longer.
And one last piece of information before starting: it is convenient that you know that, if you have to lose weight, only with the functional training you do at home it may not be enough because it is practiced in less intense sessions than in sports centers. So, the safest thing is that you have to practice some sport or aerobic exercise to burn more calories and fat. For more information, in this other article we answer the question of “Does functional training lose weight?
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play video How to grow your buttocks

The buttocks are the muscles that join the back with the back of the legs and, in addition, one of the parts of the body that more people strive to work in the gym. However, it is also true that it is one of the most complicated muscles to train, since it is not easy to get hypertrophied to make them grow and stand out in an attractive way.
However, it is true that there are some specific exercises that can help you tone this muscle group and that, in addition, can be adapted to the capacity of each person. In the following article, we discovered 10 infallible tricks on how to make the buttocks grow: the best exercises, how to increase the buttocks without exercise and how to climb glutes quickly. Take note and charge the batteries!
Exercises to increase glutes
The glutes, like any other muscle in the body, can be exercised to increase in size and have more elasticity and strength. If you have already tried to increase the size of your buttocks or improve their appearance, you may have realized that it is one of the most complicated muscles to work and redefine; however, that does not mean it is impossible. There are some ideal exercises to strengthen, tone and enlarge this part of the body as well as other parts such as the legs or hips:
Lifting hips or bridge
Climb stairs two by two
Buttocks kick
Donkey kick
Fire hydrant
Next, we explain in detail how you can perform each of these exercises to increase your glutes quickly.
Hip or bridge elevation
One of the main exercises to work these muscles and increase the glutes is the lifting of hips. To perform this exercise, you just have to follow these steps:
Lie on the floor on your back and with your legs bent. Use a mat or mat to not hurt your back.
Make sure the soles of the feet and back are well supported on the ground. The legs should remain flexed at all times.
From this position, perform hip lifts repeatedly. You must force your buttocks when you elevate so that the exercise gives good results.
The final position should be with the soles of the feet supported as at the beginning of the exercise but with the back diagonally to the ground.
If you want to carry out a more demanding version of the exercise, you can do it with one of the legs stretched and suspended in the air. In this case, you will have to do the repetitions first with the gluteus of the leg flexed and then change legs and repeat with the opposite gluteus.

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Video This is why Justin Bieber did not accompany Hailey Baldwin to the Met Gala

Hailey Baldwin desfila a través de la carpeta de Met Gala sin Justin Bieber
Hailey se veía realmente impresionante con un hermoso vestido rosa pálido sin espalda de Alexander Wang, pero mientras desfilaba por la red Met Gala, no pudimos evitar notar la ausencia de su nuevo esposo.
Resulta que Justin decidió quedarse en casa porque nunca ha sido fanático del famoso evento, y decidió que lo mejor era que Hailey asistiera sola y se robara todas las miradas con su aspecto impresionante:
“Justin no es un fan de Met Gala. Ha hablado negativamente sobre esto en el pasado y por qué no le gusta. Es algo a lo que no le interesa asistir, y aunque Hailey fue y pensó que se veía increíble, no lo hizo. quiere unirse a ella porque, una vez más, no le gusta el evento. Ella prefiere que Hailey tenga toda la atención en la noche y experimente toda la gloria de ella porque realmente le gusta la grandeza de todo. Luego, para Justin, él siente que eligió sabiamente porque no tenía que irse y, sin embargo, podía ver lo hermosa que se veía Hailey. ¡Hable sobre ganar, ganar! “: declaró Hollywood Life.
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